Quality Control Matters

 Technology alone will not be enough to solve the challenges of the next 100 years. The tools of the future must be grounded in the limits of a finite planet. They must work with the complexity of the natural systems that produce our food. They must be developed with real users, in relentless pursuit of usability. This why we strongly believe and base our business in real beef inspectors with proof background in the meat industry.

The need of a great Quality Control Service:

Global Beef Production forecast at 63 million tons and a forecast of 10.5 million tons to be exported (ref. USDA FAS April 2018).

Meat suppliers and importers community deserves technology that is second to none.

It’s an industry with some of the most interesting, complex problems, and we need the best people and tools to solve them.

With meat prices in some cases at levels never seen before, even above usd 4000 per MT, why exposing the value of a FCL (aprox. Usd 100,000) when you can almost eliminate the risk for less than 0,3% of the value.

At UBI, we plan to play a part in making this community hugely successful as the quality of our products depends on it.

% of companies that would hire a QC if it was affordable

Companies with gross revenue over 10M:

Companies with gross revenue between 5M and 10M:

Companies with gross revenue between 1M and 5M:

Companies with gross revenue less than 1M:


The numbers speak by themselves: if the price is right, more and more people would hire an QC.


We conducted a survey among our clients in the meat sector and this is what they said to us:

  1. Suppliers have stopped selling/offering to a customer who has claimed from them
  2. Clients stopped buying from a supplier after realized that they haven’t received what they ordered
  3. Clients have stopped selling to a specific destination in order to avoid claims
  4. Sales have been cancelled when clients take a closer look at the supplier's internal quality procedures

Find out how our QC can prevent the above from happening.