About Us

About us, Who we are?

UBI acts as your outsourced Quality Assurance(QA) and Control(QC) Meat Department. Being Meat: Beef, Fish, Pork, Chicken. We have created the biggest network of verified Meat inspectors in South America.

Our goal is that customers remain focused in their “core business” while we take care of anything related to the loading and QC of your goods. Our objective is to minimize the possibility of loss due to damage, wrong boxes count, temperature, or simply because you didn’t receive what you bought.

With millions of dollars spent worldwide on claims and meat products improvements annually, we see an untapped opportunity to realize significant savings and efficiencies by harnessing the power of data and information to enable better decision-making.

Our Story

Our founders experienced first-hand the difficulty in hiring QC services with Meat expertise in different countries. They quickly realized that by leveraging the existing technologies the process: Slaughterhouse, QC Inspector and Client could be streamlined.

They went back to their professional roots and founded UBI. Their objective was to combine their expertise in technology, meat knowledge & trading, to build a powerful, cloud-based solution that was able to reduce dramatically:

  • The QC cost (no travelling fees, multi-location QC inspections)
  • Waiting time to confirm a QC, especially when done outside the core cities
  • The time the client has to wait to receive the finalized QC report

What began as a simple solution for one-two Quality Controls is now a complete QC management solution driving incremental sales for hundreds of clients.


UBI offers you the possibility of receiving QC reports in different formats within minutes of the QC so that you can make the best decisions about your business.

Through its network of inspectors, UBI performs Quality Control of products, according to modern control techniques, in order to ensure our local and foreign clients receive products of the highest level of quality.

UBI audit reports materially improve efficiency and transparency for importers and suppliers, while reducing risk for consumers.