Chinese ban on U.S. poultry imports lifted

China has banned all U.S. poultry since January 2015 due to an avian influenza outbreak in December 2014, even though the United States has been free of this disease since August 2017

Marfrig cerró un trimestre récord

Marfrig obtuvo ganancias por R$ 100,4 millones (US$ 24,5 millones con una cotización de R$ 4,1) en el período julio-setiembre

Habilitan a dos nuevos frigoríficos pampeanos

El agronegocio de la carne vacuna argentina están cerrado otro gran año, apoyado en un récord de exportaciones y recuperando protagonismo mundial, principalmente impulsado por el mercado chino que aún no para de crecer.

Uruguay beef: Overseas demand eats into local consumption

Uruguay may be South America’s smallest country, but it’s the region’s largest consumer of beef per person. However, for the first time ever, Uruguay is being forced to import beef. The reason: China’s growing appetite for high-end gourmet meat. CGTN’s Lucrecia Franco in Montevideo reports. Uruguay, a country with 3.4 […]

Why Have There Been So Many Meat Recalls in Canada?

After a spate of food recalls across Canada, it’s easy to wonder: What is happening to the meat industry? “The CFIA is tightening its grip on the livestock industry, which face a significant portion of recalls in Canada.”