2020 meat and poultry industry events impacted by coronavirus

Event Status Date
Midwest Poultry Federation Convention Canceled March 17-19
North Central Avian Disease Conference Canceled March 16-17
Feed Mill Management Seminar No change March 18-19
Seafood Expo North America Postponed Previously: March 15-17 Currently: TBD
Meat Industry Summit Canceled March 30-April 2
The Poultry Foundation Food Safety Conference Canceled March 31-April 1
International Pizza Expo Postponed Previously: March 31- April 2 Currently: June 26-28
NCBA Spring Legislative Conference Canceled March 31- April 2
National Barbecue & Grilling Association No change April 1-4
National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual conference Canceled April 7-9
Food & Beverage Environmental Conference No change April 5-8
Human Resources Seminar No change April 20-22
Alimentaria 2020 Postponed Previously: April 20-23 Currently: Sept. 14-17
SIAL Canada No change April 15-17
Research Chefs Association Conference and Culinology Expo No change April 15-17
interpack 2020 Postponed Previously: May 7-May 13 Currently: Feb.25-March 3 2021
AGRI Tech Venture Forum Postponed

Previously: April 30

Currently: TBD

interpack 2020 Postponed Previously: May 7-May 13 Currently: Feb. 25-March

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